July 10, 2024

Work Begins On Crosswind Runway

Work Begins On Crosswind Runway

After years of the project being on the Stanley Municipal Airport’s long-term plan, work got underway last week for a new crosswind runway. With financial assistance from Mountrail County JDA and the State Aeronautics Commission, along with working with the city to acquire the necessary property, the project will create a much needed addition for the pilots that use the airport.
Farden Construction is doing the earthwork that will take approximately two weeks to complete. During that time, the runway is shut down to all traffic to ensure safety.

Once earthwork is done, Bechtold Paving will integrate the existing paved runway with the new crosswind runway. Then the crosswind runway will be reseeded and runway lighting will be installed.
The project, once completed, will provide a safer landing experience for pilots when winds make using the paved runway a less than ideal option.

Pilots looking to use the Stanley Airport should check NOTAMS for updates regarding the status of the airport.