June 22, 2022

Voters Decide Local Races In June 14 Primary

Voters in Mountrail County went to the polls on Tuesday, June 14 to vote in the Primary and city elections. Stanley School board also had their election that day. Results are unofficial until the board of canvassing meets. Mountrail County board will meet on Monday, June 27. Stanley School Board will canvas their election results that day as well at their regular monthly board meeting.
Voters had the option to vote at any of the polling locations when it comes to national, state, county or local elections. Mountrail County used polling centers with poll workers having all of the ballots, including those for the individual cities.
Voter turnout was low across the state with just 105,889 ballots cast, or 15.78% of the eligible voters. In Mountrail County there were just 791 ballots cast, or 9.00% of eligible voters. Those figures compare to 26.48% of eligible voters turning out for the 2020 primary and 1,433 ballots cast in Mountrail County. There were 1695 ballots cast in Mountrail County in the 2018 June primary election.
On the Primary Party Ballot, voters were only able to vote for candidates in one political party, choosing between the candidates in the Republican or Democratic-NPL parties. Vote tallies are shown for Mountrail County.
In the race for United States Senator, Republic Riley Kuntz received 176 votes and John Hoeven received 431. Hoeven was also the highest vote getter on the Republican ballot across the state. Michael J Steele received 52 votes and Katrina Christiansen received 94 on the Democratic-NPL ballot. Christiansen received the highest number of votes on the Dem-NPL ballot across the state.
In the race for Representative in Congress, Kelly Armstrong (R) received 578 votes and Mark Haugen (D) received 140.
With the redistricting in District 4, voters in Mountrail County in District 4a cast 116 votes Terry Burton Jones (R), 35 for Lisa Finley-DeVille (D) and 67 for Thomasina Mandan (D). Looking at all of the qualified voters throughout the District, Jones received 182 votes, Finley-DeVille received 122 and Mandan received 113.
Voters in Mountrail County District 4b cast 133 votes for Clayton Fegley (R). He received a total of 1002 votes.