June 8, 2022

Slawson Donates To Van Hook Project

“Giving back to the community you work in is just what you do… it’s not an obligation or duty, it is just how we were raised. Slawson values our partnership with the Van Hook Park community, and greatly appreciates their patience and support while we continue to develop North Dakota’s oil and gas resources. We live in this community, fish on the lake, and enjoy everything North Dakota has to offer. We love its beauty, the friendly local hospitality, and we want to make it better for everyone,” states Todd Slawson of Slawson Exploration Company. This is a sentiment often heard in the oil field but rarely backed. In this case, Slawson Exploration Company has put their money where their mouth is with a $250,000 donation towards a new picnic shelter to be placed at Van Hook Recreation area in New Town, ND. This seems like a huge donation for a relatively small recreation area but Dawn Ritts, Van Hook Rec Area Park Manager points out that the partnership between Slawson Exploration and Van Hook Rec Area has been long running and very beneficial. In recounting the relationship Ritts said, “We were all nervous when the well pads were marked, but through the years Slawson has proved to be an exceptional neighbor. They have helped fund many park projects including our rural water kiosk, ADA loading station, playground equipment, new fish cleaning station and swimming docks. Slawson has consistently supported our community. Still, we are totally blown away by the generosity of this donation!” The picnic shelter project is being spearheaded by the Van Hook Association (VHA), a volunteer