August 3, 2022

New Pool Project Gets Underway

Stanley Park District plans for a new pool in Wilson Park got underway last week as the demolition of the old pool started on Monday, July 25. Chamley Pipe and Salvage spent four days taking down the old bathhouse building and removing the old pool and decking.
Driving by the pool brings feelings of nostalgia for those current and former residents who have spent summers at the pool, either just swimming or working as lifeguards. The next phase of the project will be the dirt work with Hanson Excavating.
Looking at the architectural renderings for the new pool, the first thing you notice is that the pool layout has changed. The deep end and diving board will run parallel to 6th Avenue, while the shallow end will be where the deep end was on the old pool.
The new bathhouse building may be turned slightly from the rendering if that is possible. A slight angling of the building will improve visibility of the entire pool from the office area.
The rendering of the frog slide and the splash pad are also for reference only. The actual frog slide will look different, and the selected items and layout of the splash pad are also different.
Looking at the deep end of the pool you can see the addition of a slide and a rock climbing wall to complement the diving board as activities for in the water.
As for the shallow end, you can see that it provides for a zero depth play area/entry, meaning that small swimmers will be able to gradually make their way into the water instead of just having to jump in as before.
The pool was designed with the engineers mirroring much of what was done with Crosby’s new pool. Theirs was a pool design that the park board and pool committee liked as they looked at what to put in Stanley.
The new pool project comes as it became clear that the old pool needed to be replaced. Gauged water use shows that in one year the pool was filled two and one half times over. While some water loss is to be expected with use and evaporation, this water loss was seeping through the cracks in the bottom of the pool and leaching into the soil and the park around it.