August 3, 2022

Fladelands Earn NDSF Award

Fladelands Earn NDSF Award

Former Stanley residents Troy and Amy Fladeland and family brought their Dakota Frybread food truck to the North Dakota State Fair this year. The business is one they opened in December of 2021 after they moved to Anson, Texas. They have been serving up their menu mainly in the Abilene/Anson area since opening.

The menu includes a fry dog and Texas dog, as well as beef and chicken Indian tacos, a BLT, or burger. They also had dessert items including Cinna bites, strawberry bites, honey bites and chocolate carmel drizzle bites. All items included the use of the frybread.

They were set up in the west park at the fairgrounds this year, by some of the free entertainment stages as well as the Budweiser Clydesdales.
On Thursday, July 28, they were awarded the 2022 NDSF Exhibitor Award Food First Place for their food at this year’s State Fair.