June 1, 2022

Just My Opinion - By Mary Kilen

This week’s paper has so many great pictures from State Track. I cannot begin to thank the photographers that helped me out enough! I left Stanley on Thursday to take Abel back home with the plan that I would help out with state track pictures on Thursday evening and some of the early events on Friday.

While Abel and I were driving, I got a text from Beth Wilhelmi that said she was pretty sure she could handle it on Thursday night if I didn’t want to come down. Since I already planned to be there, I thought I might as well at least go help make it easier by shooting the girls’ discus event, freeing Beth up to make sure she could get the distance events on the track.

I took those pictures of Rebecca Bohrer at discus and then met up with Beth, who told me she thought they would have it under control on Friday and I wouldn’t need to come back.

After a week with Abel, I knew that driving home on Thursday night would not be the best of ideas, so I followed through with my plan to stay at Amanda and Zach’s on Thursday night anyway. That gave me time to hang out with them and the kids on Thursday night and help out with the kids on Friday morning while Amanda dealt with some work calls from home.

Meanwhile, the team of photographers was hard at work on Friday and Saturday getting some amazing shots of all of the Stanley athletes. Beth Wilhelmi, Barb Roise and Al Christianson worked out the schedule of events to make sure that happened. I cannot thank them enough for providing me not only with great photos, but also sorting through the photos before sending them to me. Beth told me was saving me from going through just under 1600 photos. I know how that goes. I shoot tons of photos at every sporting event knowing that I will use only a percentage.

Again, thank you for the hard work you guys put in!