January 11, 2023

Just My Opinion - Mary Kilen

Happy Monday Makes My Day!
A few months ago, I was added to an email group from Alyssa Kreutzfeldt. She is the founder of bar 33 leadership and has been active in our community with the school and other organizations. Alyssa is originally from Blaisdell and the daughter of George and Susan Olson. She is also the sister of MCMC Administrator Steph Everett. I suspect my friend Steph suggested I could use an uplifting message on Monday morning.
Every Monday morning I find a new message in my email waiting for me. The emails are traditionally very uplifting and thought provoking. They are also a bright spot on my Mondays.
Monday is our most stressful day of the week at the office. It is deadline day. We are working on finishing up the copy for the week. We are putting together the end of the ads for the week. We are putting together the pages and getting them ready to upload to our printing plant first thing on Tuesday morning. I find myself in the same position each week, sitting at my desk for hours just slogging away. Reading those emails in the morning tends to put things in perspective, at least for a little while.
This week’s spoke to me in a deep and profound way. I have friends who have lost loved ones in the past week. Others are going through challenges that can bring you to your knees, often in prayer for strength. For all of you who might find yourself in that situation this week, I share this week’s Happy Monday with you.
“How different would you live this week if you suddenly discovered this would be your last? How long would you stay offended? How long would you stay frustrated, upset, or negative? 
I’m challenging us not to let little things steal our joy. To choose to make the most of each day. To choose to be kind and unoffendable. 
There are times when we want to be anything but kind. It is much easier to bear a grudge or hate in return or get back or get even. Yet hate destroys the vessel it’s kept in. It stiffens our tank of kindness. So, I urge us to be kind. Tenderhearted. Forgiving one another. When we are genuinely free of revenge and bitterness, there’s plenty of room in our hearts for kindness. And not until. 
Do what’s right. Love kindness. Walk humbly. It’s amazing what one kind word can do. It can breathe life into a person’s spirit. Our words have the power to lift people. 
Letting people know that you care does more than you can imagine. You have the power to put someone on their feet. You can cause someone to pursue their dreams. So let someone know today that you care. Nobody is in your life by accident.
Kindness is love in action. Kindness is not an emotion or feeling; it’s something you do for someone. Your soul is nourished when you are kind. 
Let’s commit to never walking away from someone that needs our help. It’s so easy to step away. Instead, let’s choose the road less traveled and let our kindness be known to all. To have a reputation for kindness. To be famous for our kindness.”

Sometimes Increases Are Inevitable
As I write my column this week, we are in the middle of the largest renewal period for our subscribers. Back when Russ and Evelyn were running the newspaper, they had set February 1 as many renewal dates. It makes sense, because January tends to be a slower advertising month and they were looking at ways to keep their financial situation steady during the early months of the year. Over the years, that has changed with new subscribers throughout the year as well as some that may have let their paper subscription lapse and started it back up in March or even later.
This year, we are faced with inflationary costs, just like everyone else. The cost of paper, ink and printing plates has been going up at incredible rates. We are also faced with yet another postage increase coming up. We have not changed our subscription rates for several years, absorbing many of those postal and printing increases.
That being said, subscription rates will increase on February 1. If you want to get your subscription renewed at the current rate, you can do that until February 1. Advertising rates will also be seeing a slight increase on February 1. We are hoping that the rate increases we are implementing will be enough to help offset those rising costs.