July 10, 2024

Just My Opinion - Mary Kilen

Well, That Didn’t Go As Planned
It was a busy week at our house over the 4th of July. Amanda, Carter, Jozie, Abel and Hank came on Tuesday night. Zach and Judd came on Wednesday.
There was a lot of fun around the house. There were multiple trips to the pool, a couple of trips to Dakota Drug for Whirla Whips, There were trips to the park, meals at favorite restaurants and trying some new things at home. I found an air fryer caramel empanada recipe that proved to be a big hit.
It was Amanda’s 20 year reunion so she and Zach were out a few times while we hung out with the kids.
On Thursday, the rest of us headed to the Promoter for the parade while Amanda joined her class for their float. After the kiddie parade, the kids wandered down to spend the parade with two of their friends.
I found my spot and started taking parade pictures. During the classic car portion of the parade, my camera decided to start shooting only the bottom  portion of a picture. It has been acting up for a while, so it didn’t completely surprise me. Unfortunately, it also meant I missed a couple of pictures. I ran into the office to grab the backup camera and was able to get going again. If you are looking at parade pictures and I missed your vehicle, I apologize.
When the kids went home on Saturday I sent my camera with them. A friend had told me about a camera repair place in Bismarck and I had called and left a message with the owner.
I talked to him on Monday and he said it was likely shutter related. After doing my own internet research I had come to the same conclusion. Hopefully, he will be able to get parts for my trusty Nikon and get it fixed. He did mention being able to find a replacement and compared that to the repair prices, but I’m hoping that we can fix it. I love that camera and know how it works. Using my backup has been a little more of a challenge for me. I haven’t used this camera regularly in a very long time and I’m having to remind myself about its differences. It still takes good pictures, but it just feels different.
We are creatures of habit. Hopefully, I get that camera back and I don’t have to go through the process of picking a new camera. I’m not going to tell you how old my trusty Nikon is, but let’s just say that it has long been discontinued and parts are a little harder to come by. I have a lot of money wrapped up not only in the camera, but also in the lenses. I’m not sure if the lenses would be compatible with a new camera.
For now, I’m waiting to hear the diagnosis and cost of repairs. If I have to shop for a new camera, I’ll have to look at the compatibility issues with the lenses. I did a little research and I think I can make it happen if I have to. Until I know for sure, though, I’ll just be hoping that things work out with repairs.