October 26, 2022

Just My Opinion - Mary Kilen

When You Get All The Seasons
You have to admit that one thing is true about North Dakota, if you don’t like the weather just wait a few minutes and it will change.
Last week, I was happily enjoying a few days of 70 degree weather. I think we all were. It was hard to imagine that the weatherman could possibly be right when he started warning us about impending winter weather to come.
I spent most of Sunday wondering if they might just possibly be wrong. It was cooler, that was for sure, but there really didn’t seem to be much going on besides the heavy clouds.
Then came Sunday evening. I had finished up my writing for the week and Dale and I were watching television. I stood up to go to the kitchen about the time the first thunder and lightning appeared. Frankly, it startled me. After all, we haven’t seen a lot of thunderstorms in our area lately and late October is not a time I generally imagine we will see thunderstorms.
The rain came down in sheets. Our poor Buddy wanted nothing to do with going outside. He’s not a fan of rain and even less a fan of thunder.
When we went to bed, it was still rain. I laid in bed and listened to the thunder and rain continue to fall. About midnight, I looked at our rain gauge and it proclaimed we had gotten over an inch and a half of precipitation. I’m not sure if that was all rain. Some of my Facebook friends were talking about seeing some hail.
By the time we got up on Monday morning, the rain had changed over to sleet. When I left home just before 9 a.m., our gauge was up to just a little over 3 inches of precipitation so far. There have been many reports of varying amounts of precipitation, so that number may be high or low, but it is what mine showed!
While sitting at my desk today, I watch the sleet turn to snow and Main Street get slushy.
The same weatherman tells me it will warm up at least into the 50s by this weekend. I know what fell isn’t going to last long, but I’ve also seen some of those predictions for colder weather and more precipitation this winter. I guess if that holds true Mother Nature was just trying to give us a taste of what is to come.
I’d just like it to stay nice at least through next Monday. It would be great if the kids could all enjoy a fun Halloween without having to include a snowsuit as part of the costume! With so much planned for kids on Halloween in Stanley, I sure hope the weather cooperates!
North Dakota is 133 Years Young
North Dakota’s 133rd Anniversary of Statehood is on Wednesday, November 2, 2022.  
At 3:40 p.m. ET, on November 2, 1889, President Harrison signed the Proclamation of Admission for North Dakota and South Dakota.  The President shuffled the paperwork and signed the documents blindly, so it is not known which state’s documents were signed first.  
Now a State Historical site and the state’s oldest surviving courthouse, the Stutsman County Courthouse is considered the birthplace of statehood because it was there where meetings were first held in 1885 to discuss the division of Dakota Territory.  A Constitutional Convention with 75 delegates was held in Bismarck from July 4 to August 17, 1889.
Then, on October 1, 1889, with only men allowed to vote, the new constitution was approved with 77% of the 35,548 votes cast in favor of statehood.  The population of the state was approximately 190,000.
On the ballot at the same time was an article related to the prohibition of alcoholic beverages.  It was approved on a vote of 18,552 (51.6%) to 17,393 (48.4%).  North Dakota remained a legally dry state until a 1932 referendum abolished state prohibition laws.  The sale of hard liquor was banned until another referendum was passed in 1936.