October 12, 2022

Just My Opinion - by Mary Kilen

Looking Out My Window
Sitting on my couch and looking out my front window, I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel for the city’s capital improvement project at our house. On Thursday of last week, we got the first lift of paving in front of our house. On Monday, crews from Bechtold returned and put the second lift on the road.
It’s been a long process. It hasn’t always been easy getting in and out of our house. There were times when I was parking my car about a block from home and carefully walking through the construction zones. I know some of you might be thinking it might have been easier to just leave it at the office, but I was closer by parking where I did.
The crews from Wagner and Bechtold have been so good to work with. They patiently answered all my silly questions about what to expect next and when to expect portions of the project to be finished. We’ve had disruption in front of our house since July and sometimes it felt like it would never get finished. Now about the only thing that remains is putting in topsoil and seeding on the boulevard.
Conveniently, the new deck furniture I ordered from Prairie Home Furnishings arrived late last week as well. We joked about it when I ordered it that it didn’t matter how soon it came in because I wasn’t sitting on my front deck much this summer with the equipment, dust and roadwork underway.
We got the final lift of pavement on Monday and Brian delivered my new deck furniture the same day. Now I can sit on my deck and enjoy being outside, until it gets too cold to be out there. We may not get a lot of use out of it this year, but it sure will be nice next year, especially when the grandkids are here for their visits.
Happy Monday
I was recently added to an email list entitled “Happy Monday” from Alyssa Kreutzfeldt. Alyssa is the sister of Steph Everett and a Blaisdell native. She has been active in our schools and community with her Be A Difference Maker movement. For anyone that knows me, they know that Mondays are tough for me at the office. It’s deadline day and I’m generally running around like a chicken with its head cut off. The Happy Monday makes my day when I open my email in the morning and find it.
A few weeks ago Happy Monday really spoke to me about the challenges I sometimes face as a weekly newspaper editor. It can be brutal trying to get it all done. I hope Alyssa doesn’t mind me sharing this one with you, but I really feel this one is words of advice we can all use in the hectic hustle and bustle of life.
The Happy Monday read: “I recently wrote in my journal, “Keep it simple!”
Life is certainly complicated and tends to be very stressful. I spent years praying that my circumstances would change so I could enjoy life, but finally realized I needed to change my approach to life. I needed to change my attitude and learn to think more simply. Making this intentional shift, allowed me to live more powerfully.
Often I’m asked, “How do you keep your priorities straight?”
My answer, “I’m always straightening them out.” I’m always straightening out my approach and my attitude for the season I’m standing in.
Sometimes it’s necessary to take an inventory on your life. To stop and ask yourself if you are enjoying it. There are many things in this world that can drive us away from what’s most important so every once in a while we must take responsibility to look at our lives and pay attention to what we’re doing with it.
Lots of people want lots of things from us, but we don’t have to bruise our life and forfeit our joy to keep them happy.
My core aim in designing these Happy Monday messages for you, is to inspire a mindset of intentionality. Taking on the head space of living fully and not holding back, let me close by asking: This is your one chance at life, what is it you were meant to do with it? What’s next for you? What’s the stuff on your life list? Are you moving in that direction?  
Enough is a decision, not an amount. -Alison Faulkner
Adapted by Enjoying Every Day Life”