July 20, 2022

Just My Opinion - By Mary Kilen

It’s Fair Time!
The North Dakota State Fair kicks off on Friday, July 21 in Minot and Dale and I are already trying to figure out which days we should go. On Sunday night Dale was already scoping out the fair food options online on the fair’s website.
We will undoubtedly make several trips to the fair. We do it every year. Part of that is because we like to take our time checking out exhibits. The other factor is that there is so much fair food to choose from. It takes several trips just to make our way through our favorites while trying out a few new ones as well.
Without one of the grandkids staying with us during the fair this year, I won’t be spending much time on the midway. That’s okay because I got my share of rides in when we went to Disney at the end of March. I might feel a little bit lost though, so maybe we’ll go on the giant Ferris Wheel. I love the view of the fairgrounds from that ride.
We usually like to go through the houses at the fair. With an eventual plan to retire in Bismarck by our kids, we like to get an idea of the type of house we might want to eventually buy and place in Bismarck. It also gives us ideas of what we might want to see in a house we might buy that is already there.
I absolutely have to see the 4-H exhibits. After judging photography at Achievement Days in Stanley last week, I like to see how the kids do with the judging at the fair. I feel bad for the judges at the fair, though, because they don’t get to hear the kids stories about their pictures. Those stories are some of the best parts of judging. I have to say that the quality I saw in pictures at Achievement Days makes me glad I don’t have to judge the high numbers that will make their way to competition at the fair.
Our partners in crime, Don and Connie, will be visiting their daughter Molly and her family during the fair. Somehow, Dale and I will have to figure out how to entertain ourselves without them along for the fun.
I love the State Fair. I enjoy walking through all of the commercial buildings, even if I don’t buy much of anything. We have made some great purchases at the fair in the past, including the double swing in our backyard and the massage chair at the office. Some years I don’t buy much, but I always seem to find at least that one thing I just can’t live without.
Unfortunately, though, it seems like once the fair is over the end of summer is hot on its heels. While it is only the end of July, the start of school and sports practices is just around the corner. I hate to see the end of summer, but after this last week I think I will enjoy a break from the heat.

Thanks For The Fun!
Jozie went home on Sunday, but not until after packing a ton of things into the week. We spent time at the park. We got pedicures. We went to the zoo. She even went to Achievement Days with me and checked out the exhibits and animals while enjoying a snow cone.
Jozie also got to check out the Lions Burgers in the Park and the Farmers Market. She helped me select a number of purchases at the Farmers Market.
She also got to go to the Rib Riot in the park. She had not one, but two, snow cones thanks to the influence of one BNC lady manning the booth. I won’t name any names, but she sure seemed to be enjoying the thought of sending someone else’s granddaughter home a little more sugared up! She played in the bouncy houses and made multiple trips down the 27’ slide. She also enjoyed trying out the ribs from some of the cookers.
I love having the grandkids come to stay and I especially love that our small town has so many unique opportunities for them to enjoy.
Carter will be coming at the end of the month, and he will get to be here for Crazy Days and the airport’s fly-in. He had so much fun last year at Crazy Days that he is looking forward to his visit.
Thank you to everyone who puts so much work into the events in our community. Your efforts do not go unnoticed. I know that it can be a lot of hard work, but Stanley has so much to offer for everyone because of that hard work.