January 17, 2024

Just My Opinion - by Mary Kilen

Soooooooo Cold
As I sit at my desk on Monday afternoon, it is a balmy 65 degrees in our office. I say balmy because it was 55 when we came in this morning. The heater in the office had been holding its own for the most part for the last few days. It wasn’t exactly 70 degrees, but it was holding at about 65. It was our weekend at the theater and Dale was in the office each night. He said it was about 65 degrees and he would turn on the space heaters for a little while each night. The Promoter building is an old building so it’s not surprising when wind chills are 60 degrees below zero that the furnace might need a little help.
I’m trying not to complain too much, though, because the weekend’s subzero temperatures were wreaking havoc on plenty of other businesses throughout the weekend. I saw multiple posts about businesses being closed either due to the cold or waterline issues.
We know that we live in North Dakota and we’re supposed to be “ready” for the cold to set it, but not this cold. Record breaking lows and wind chills were happening across the state for the past few days. The weatherman tells me we will see a warm-up this week. I hope he’s right.
Dale and I didn’t leave the house much over the weekend. In fact, if it hadn’t been our weekend to volunteer at the theater, I’m not sure we would have left at all. It was a quiet weekend at the theater. We had eight the first night, five the second and twelve on Sunday. We even only had a couple of people brave the cold and stop in to get their popcorn fix. I don’t blame them. There was nothing fun about being outside where the wind hurts your face.
Meanwhile, last week I was muttering about not being able to pack myself in Amanda’s suitcase and enjoy her girls’ birthday trip. She and Kalli Swenson went to Las Vegas to see their friend Maddee Gaid and hang out for a few days. They left Thursday night and were supposed to come back home on Sunday night. Mother Nature and Allegiant decided they needed an extra day and cancelled their return flight on Sunday. That’s a challenge when you’re flying Allegiant and they only fly a few days a week. They rescheduled to fly back on Monday, but now they’re landing in Minot on Monday night instead. Amanda said that Zach will come pick them up and his dad Scott will stay at their house with the kids. I hope those two are ready for the brutal cold when they get off that plane!
As Seen On Facebook
I saw a couple of friends share this post this week, with the original poster Shara-Lynn Morrison. Think about these statements when you’re muttering because you’re behind a snowplow. I, for one, really appreciate the job the city crews are doing keeping streets clear and safe for us drivers. The highway department crews have a huge challenge as well, keeping the roads clear with the wind and blowing snow. It is certainly a thankless job often times as they hear more complaints than “thank you’s”.
“You get annoyed with them… you were suppose to be at your appointment 20 minutes ago and now you’re stuck behind them.
You complain about them… because you can do a better job, sitting in your warm house.. typing on a keyboard.
You don’t always appreciate them… because they knew they would have long days and even longer nights when they took the job. 
You don’t always know them… but some of you call them names as you tailgate them and speed pass them.
I know him. He’s a husband, he’s a dad, he’s a Grampie. He’s a brother, a son and a friend. 
I know when I come up on one of these trucks… they are trying to clear the road for you- just as fast and as safely as they can.
I appreciate them, because I’ve seen what they give up. The Christmas meal with their families, because Mother Nature doesn’t really care about their Christmas ham. Watching their favorite show by the pellet stove at night… I’ve seen them go to bed early on a Saturday afternoon, because at 2 a.m. on Sunday… they will be called out to work until the snow stops and the roads are cleared. 
I can hear them working, all day and all night, while I’m tucked in my bed. I know they are out there in every single winter storm warning and every wind advisory. They don’t get snow days. 
You don’t always appreciate them, but I do… because I couldn’t do a better job.. and because I wouldn’t want to do their job. 
So next time you fly past them and tailgate them.. know this, there is someone at home, praying for their safety and for yours. There is someone at home waiting for them to come through the door. There is someone at home who loves that plow truck driver.”