December 13, 2023

Just My Opinion - by Mary Kilen

The Holidays Are Almost Here
It seems like the news is more than happy to remind me that Christmas is two weeks away. I’m not sure where the time went. I was really proud of myself earlier in the holiday season.
Dale spent the weekend before Thanksgiving putting up Christmas lights taking advantage of the beautiful temperatures. We spent Thanksgiving afternoon and evening putting up the Christmas tree.
I put up my mom’s nativity scene under the television. The one I use each year is a children’s Christmas play and it fits on the stand perfectly.
I also put my Christmas village on the mantle. That, too, was my mom’s. I kept just a few of her village pieces and have added some trees and lights over the past few years that fill in the spaces perfectly. The rest of the many pieces went to Amanda’s house.
The Thanksgiving before my mom passed away, Amanda asked her if she could have a few of her pieces to put up at her house. They spent hours going through the many boxes with mom telling her “take it” when she found one she liked. She went home with more than she expected that year, but it sure put a smile on mom’s face to see Amanda take them and share pictures after she put them up. After mom passed, I selected just a few buildings and a few of the smaller pieces and people that I wanted to keep. The rest were put into trunks and Amanda took them home. She spends hours putting them up and has quite the system for where they each go. I know that mom smiles in heaven as she watches her do that. I can remember the hours mom used to spend putting them up throughout the house. Knowing that they are treasured with another generation is pretty amazing.
I have digressed. I got my pieces all put up and we put up more lights in the house and I was feeling fairly good about getting an early start on the holiday season. And that is where I stopped until this week.
Now with Christmas two weeks away, I need to get busy. I need to put the ornaments on the tree. I wasn’t in a big hurry to do that because we got a new tree last year and with all of its lights, it looks pretty darn good just the way it is.
I am nowhere near done shopping. I have put off doing a good share of that as well. It’s a good thing I know most of what I’m picking up for the kids. Christmas is going to be here before I know it. I better get it together!

Holiday Printing Deadlines
As we get closer to the holidays, it’s also time to think about holiday printing deadlines. “I love Monday holidays” said no weekly newspaper editor ever.
With Christmas and New Year’s Day falling on Mondays, we will observe the following deadlines at the Promoter.
All copy and advertising for the December 27 issue will need to be in our office no later than Friday, Dec. 22. The Promoter office will be closed on Monday, Dec. 25. We will be in the office for a short time on Tuesday, Dec. 26 to upload our issue to our printing plant, but the paper will be completed prior to that time.
All copy and advertising for the January 3 issue will need to be in our office no later than Friday, Dec. 29. The office will be closed on Monday, Jan. 1 and again we are likely to be in the office for only a short time on Tuesday, Jan. 2 to upload our issue to our printing plant.
All The Seasons In One Week
I might have laughed when one of my Facebook friends posted something over the weekend that pointed out it would be great if we could not get all the seasons in one week. I also realized it was pretty true.
Last Wednesday we were enjoying temperatures near 60 degrees. It was glorious. Unfortunately, I spent most of that day inside at two different meetings, but every time I stepped out the door, I found myself pausing just a little longer to enjoy the day.
Then came Thursday night and Friday. I let Buddy outside Thursday evening as the rain was starting to fall. By the time we were headed to bed, it was raining harder. That, coupled with the forecast for snow on Friday, had me dreading getting up the next morning.
It wasn’t bad when I got up. There was very little snow in the backyard. That changed in a hurry and it didn’t take long for schools to start announcing early outs and postponing sporting events.
Throughout the day, I watched the snow falling and blowing around, thinking to myself that this was not going to be good. I was right. The warm temperatures on Wednesday meant that streets and sidewalks were warm. The combination of the rain and snow has created a layer of ice underneath the snow.
As I continue to exercise more caution than usual, I’m again perfecting the “little old lady shuffle”. The last thing I want is to slip and reinjure my foot or fall and injure my pride. I don’t bounce like I used to.
The weather forecasters still keep telling me that it will warm up over the coming days. They are still saying they don’t see much in the way of snow or storms between now and Christmas.
If they are right and the snow melts before Christmas, Dale will finally get his wish and have a brown Christmas. That’s not entirely true, though. I don’t know about your yard, but ours was still pretty green after the unseasonable weather we’ve been having to start off our winter. After the Halloween snow melted and temperatures warmed up, I even had some of my perennials start to show fresh buds. I guess I’ll wait and see what happens between now and Christmas.