July 13, 2022

Just My Opinion - by Mary Kilen

Rib Riot Returns This Saturday
The third annual Rib Riot returns to Wilson Park in Stanley this Saturday, July 16. Teams will be cooking as they look for bragging rights to earn the votes from the judges and the People’s Choice award.
The Great Rib Riot of 2022 will start with teams arriving earlier in the day, but the public is welcome to stop in any time after 1:00 p.m. to check it out.
Besides teams cooking, there will be inflatable games for the kids including last year’s very popular 27’ inflatable slide and bouncy houses. There will be music with DJ George. There will be Dutch oven demonstrations and free snow cones for all.
Serving to the public will run from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. There will be ribs and sides served. Guests will have the chance to register for door prizes to be given away.
The Stanley Lions Club will again help them serve. Sponsored by the Stanley Rural Fire Department and the Stanley Visitors Fund, proceeds this year will benefit the Stanley Fire Department and the Stanley Park District’s new pool project.
Last year’s event drew a crowd to enjoy the food cooked by six different teams. The Rib Riot is a great time for the entire family. With the inflatables for the kids, along with snow cones and the other great park equipment, kids will be happily entertained. The food is great and it all goes to a great cause!
Road Construction Season
It has been said there are only two seasons in North Dakota, winter and road construction. This year, that road construction is a challenge for those of us in Stanley and those using US Highway 2 between Stanley and Minot.
As the city works on the first phase of the capital improvement project, crews from Wagner Construction are working on replacing water and sewer lines, and streets in some of the original parts of the city.
We are just lucky enough to live in the middle of that area. The first month or so didn’t really impact us at our house, other than the temporary waterlines that were running along the sidewalks and across the driveway. We did have to find some creative ways to get places in the early days as well. The same could not be said for the people living along the work zone.
Last week, the work zone moved closer to our house. I’m grateful that it didn’t start until our company had left after the 4th of July. It wasn’t long after, though, when more work was being done on 1st Street. Crews were working in the intersections to start with and then moved on to part of the work on 1st Street as they waited for parts for the work at the intersection of 2nd Street and 3rd Avenue.
I have to tell you, though, the crews from Wagner have been great when I talked to them. They have kept us updated as much as possible as to what would be going on. They have been great to address the issues with the gravel and dirt at the end of our driveway to make sure we could still get the Corvette and/or Harley Davidson trike out of the driveway. All I have had to do is ask, and they have been great to respond.
Last week, we got connected to the temporary waterline. If you have driven by the areas or live in the areas, you know what I mean. There are hoses that run from that temporary line along the sidewalk to connect to the house.
Last Wednesday was our day to be without water. I admit, I got up that morning and took my shower and then filled our bathtub with water just in case. It ended up being until late that evening before we had water, but they were really good to come in and make sure that everything was pressured up and we had water before they quit for the evening.
It is kind of a pain to be in the middle of the work zone. They start earlier in the morning than I want to get up some days, especially on the weekend. That is the nature of the work, though. There is only so much time to get the project completed and they are doing their best to make those dates.
I keep reminding myself, as well, that it will be nice when it is done. This is aging infrastructure that has been in need of major updates for a very long time. So a little inconvenience now is not the worst thing that could happen.
This is also only the first phase of the city’s capital improvement plan. I’m hoping that our phase goes smoothly and the city will continue on with the projects. There are a lot of streets in this town that could use some major repairs rather than the smaller fixes. Big projects are costly for the property owner in the form of special assessments and to the city as well, but if we do not make the repairs the city will have bigger problems in the long run. I’m glad to see the city take a proactive approach to the repairs and hope it will continue.
It’s Jozie’s Turn
Jozie is here, spending her week with us this week. We met Amanda on Sunday in Minot to pick her up. That included lunch and of course a stop at the new Scheels store at the mall. We wandered through a bit to see what they had to offer, but spent most of our time in the new candy store area. Oh my goodness, what a selection of treats. We managed to contain ourselves, somewhat, but we also found some old favorites that I am sure we will be back to get more of.
We got home in the afternoon and Jozie got to spend some time in the pool in the backyard before the surprise downpour. She and I also got to go to the movie on Sunday night for the most recent Minion movie.
The week ahead will be busy. I have some meetings and events I have to go to. We will also for sure be checking out the Rib Riot on Saturday.
In between, there will be time in the pool in the backyard, trips to the park and I’m pretty sure a trip to the zoo if we can fit it all in!
If you see me and I look frazzled, please remember first it was a lot of company around the 4th of July and now I’m entertaining an eight-year-old. We’ll be meeting to give her back to her mom on Sunday and then we’ll get a little break until the end of the month when we bring Carter home for a week.
We’re making memories one day at a time. It is fun, it is busy and sometimes it is crazy, but I wouldn’t change it for the world!