December 28, 2022

Just My Opinion - By Mary Kilen

I’m Done With Winter Already
I know the calendar tells me that winter has just begun. In fact, technically the first day of winter was last Wednesday, Dec. 21. Mother Nature appears to have missed the memo. Looking out my window at the office today, I’m looking at yet another snow pile running down the middle of Main Street. This has become much too common of a sight the last few weeks. The city crews are out early in the morning, clearing the driving lanes in the business district and moving snow along the essential routes. They move on to the residential districts. Then, within a day or two, they are back on Main Street getting rid of the snow median.
Christmas has come and gone, but many families are likely still waiting to celebrate with their loved ones. The storms and cold of the past two weeks have shut down roads or just made it unsafe to travel. Watching stories about airline delays and cancellations made me glad we weren’t planning to travel over Christmas. Knowing that so many families were going to be missing loved ones this holiday because they couldn’t make it was hard. There were also families who had planned those special trips over the holidays that may have had them cancelled all together.

We have Christmas at New Year’s at our house this year. I’m actually kind of happy to say that Amanda and Zach and the kids were not on the road this year. I’m glad they were able to celebrate Christmas with Zach’s parents and his brother and his family. Not that that didn’t come with its own challenges, since Greg and his family live in Fargo and the roads were not great, delaying their travel plans by an extra day or two. It also saw them spending an extra night in Bismarck when the Christmas Day blizzard rolled through.
I’m looking forward to celebrating our family Christmas this weekend. I sure hope that Mother Nature cooperates and the kids are able to get here or there will be some unhappy faces at both our house and theirs!
New Year’s Resolutions
It’s that time of year. People are choosing their “New Year’s Resolution”. It might be to lose weight, quit smoking, budget better or any one of a myriad of other things.
I quit making New Year’s resolutions. It seemed like I was always picking the same things. Mostly, it was that I would learn to procrastinate less. By that, I mean, I would stop putting off things like my writing until late in the weekend.
With my hectic weekly schedule, that has not always worked well for me. I find there are often not enough hours in the day to get everything done while I’m at the office. Many evenings find me at meetings or sporting events. That means that a good share of my writing is done over the weekend while I sit on the couch watching television. I will admit, though, that I tend to put off most of it until Sunday. Then I sit there for hours on end getting it done.
I swear, I always think I will get it done early. In fact, I often look at the pile and think I need to start on it. Then something else comes up and it sits there until I have no choice but get started.
This might describe me best. “My goal for 2023 is to accomplish the goals of 2022 which I should have done in 2021 because I made a promise in 2020 and planned in 2019....”