September 20, 2023

Just My Opinion - by Mary Kilen

The Things You Miss
It’s been just over one month since I broke my foot and three weeks since I had surgery on it. Last week, they put it in a cast for four weeks. After that, they will evaluate the healing and with any luck I can start physical therapy.
In the past month I have realized just how many things I take for granted in my life.
I can’t go anywhere on my own, unless of course I can get there in the wheelchair or on my scooter. I have to be outside already, though, because I can’t navigate the stairs in or out of the house on my own.
That means I miss just getting in the car to run an errand. I can drive, but  I haven’t been able to be at all of the events I normally attend. I’ve figured out how to handle some of the sports, but others are more challenging. Fortunately, there have been several people helping me out with pictures when I’m unable to get somewhere.
I’ve discovered just how important accessibility is when it comes to going places. Our office is just one of many buildings that might require assistance depending on your limitations.
Doing anything and going anywhere requires more time than usual. There is just no sprinting down the stairs and going somewhere. That was evident to me this past week when the fire siren went off. Going to see what trucks were rolling took way longer and Dale just went by himself to check the next time.
Then there is one thing that I’m missing more than you would think. With my foot in the splint after surgery and now in a cast, there is no such thing as a long hot shower or long hot bath. Instead, I have to wrap the foot in a plastic bag and then plastic wrap to try to keep it watertight. I’m sitting on a shower chair with that foot on the outside edge of the tub while taking a quicker than usual shower because I’m afraid it will get wet.
While I’m looking forward to getting rid of the cast and my foot being healed, I’m really looking forward to my first long, hot shower after it comes off.
It’s the little things that you never know you will miss until you can’t do them and I’m looking forward to getting to do all of them again as soon as possible. I’m pretty sure Dale is looking forward to not having to take me everywhere, too. He’s been a real trooper during all of this, but I’m betting he’s looking forward to life as usual again too!