August 30, 2023

Just My Opinion - by Mary Kilen

Only Two Weeks In
I’m only two weeks into healing my broken foot as you read this. Also, as you read this, I will have had surgery on my foot. I saw Dr. Joshi when he was at MCMC last Thursday and he recommended surgery. The break to my fifth metatarsal is closer to the ankle than usually seen with this injury.
As a result, he recommended surgery. I’ve had conversations with others who have broken their foot, including Connie, and they all said that if the doctor recommends it, you should absolutely have the surgery done.
I was able to get him to agree to wait until Tuesday for the surgery instead of Monday. I’ll be honest, I even tried to push it to Wednesday but didn’t make any progress with that request. That allows me to be at my desk on Monday and get the paper finished for this week. We will upload the pages on Monday night instead of Tuesday morning. It meant a little extra work for everyone on Monday and meant that I absolutely needed to get my writing done over the weekend. It also means there will be no sneaking anything in at the last minute on Tuesday morning this week, either.
While writing this column on Sunday evening, I’m still waiting for some sports stats, but I’ve gotten everything else done. That means I should be able to still get those sports into this week’s paper if they come in on Monday.
The surgery will mean my foot is in a splint for two weeks and then a cast for likely at least four weeks. I knew that the break would take time to heal. In fact, I had done some research and saw that it took a two-to-three-month recovery time. That doesn’t mean that I’m any happier about it, though.
It also means that I will definitely be asking for help with pictures for the next couple of months. I’m not very good about asking for help. That’s especially true with sports pictures. I love sports and being on the sidelines is one of my favorite things! I’m processing in my mind what I will be able to do. I’m pretty sure that I’ll be able to handle volleyball. I can find a place to sit and do my job. I think I might have a plan for football. I think I’ll be looking at the corners of the grandstands as my new location instead of the sidelines. That will be tough for me. I love the atmosphere on the sidelines. I enjoy when players ask me, “Did you get that?” It’s fun when I have time to show some of them to them. I’ll miss that.
I’m not so sure about golf or cross country. I might be able to figure some of it out, but it is going to take me a while. If you are a parent or spectator at these sports and are willing to share pictures with me, I would be most grateful! I really want these kids to get the recognition they deserve too!

Dale’s also got a new plan in the back of his mind. He’s been looking at electric scooters and wheelchairs and if he gets done early enough on Monday, I suspect he will be on his way to go get one. That will make my life easier and allow me a little freer movement. The scooter that Grace Lystad lent me has been a God send. I’ve been able to at least move around and attend things.
His idea of the electric scooter also doesn’t surprise me. He’s had his own mobility issues at times and has often threatened that he was going to rent or buy one. You may remember his experience when we were at Disney with the kids. That was the time he had the slowest scooter known to mankind. He tells me this one will get along much quicker.
So, if you see me trying to figure out how to maneuver one of those electric scooters or wheelchairs, try not to laugh too hard. I’ll get there. My biggest challenge will be learning what speed I am most capable of going without giving myself a heart attack.
As I’m writing this, I’m also not sure what my hours will look like in the office this week. Christina and Jada are most capable and will be able to help you. I’m lucky to have them! They are just the best!