August 9, 2023

Just My Opinion - by Mary Kilen

t week. We planned to meet Amanda, Zach and the kids at the State Fair on the last day. We started out at the mall with the rain falling. That worked out pretty well for the kids. They found their school shoes. I took Joz to Barnes and Noble to pick out her new books. We stopped for a snack before heading out to the fair.
After plenty of time together on rides, playing games, enjoying fair food and more, Dale and I headed home with Jozie. We talked about stopping at Target, but we were all beat and just wanted to head home.
Joz wasn’t too tired to skip the pool when we got home. It was a pretty quick dip, but she checked it out for the first time. Trust me. She spent lots of time in the pool over the course of the week. She played a blowup axe game with Dale and lots of volleyball with me. I had to wash towels in the middle of the week because we had been spending so much time in the pool beating the heat.
Zach came to stay on Sunday and Monday nights because he had to work in the area. Apparently Joz gave her permission as long as he didn’t slow her roll. She was even kind enough to suggest that I make his favorite supper on Monday night.
We went to Minot last Tuesday for mani/pedis. Jozie picked the color and she and I got matching toes. We went to the mall and bought some new toys before checking out the arcade. We wrapped up the day with supper before heading back home to Buddy who was not happy that we left him home and took “his kid”.
Thursday was SummerFest in Stanley, and we enjoyed every bit of it. We started out with a ride with Allen and Debbie Lund’s team. We had lunch courtesy of Bravera, the Title Team and MWEC. Joz checked out some of the stores and enjoyed visiting the library. We went for a ride in the go-carts. I drove but apparently, I was a little slow compared to some of the other drivers. We enjoyed lots of the treats being served throughout the day and wrapped it up by grabbing some mini donuts to take home before hitting the pool one last time.
Joz was supposed to head home on Thursday night, but Zach had a small work project by Belden that he decided to tackle on Friday. That gave Joz a few extra hours with us. It also meant that Zach was out working in Friday’s rain.
It was a great week. Jozie and I spent part of each evening watching movies. We managed to finish both of the Addams Family movies. She spent plenty of time at the office. Mondays are tough for us, but she was hanging out at the office and got to get a Whirla Whip with Dale. I love that the grandkids like being in the office. They enjoy hanging out with Jada and Christina, teaching them all kinds of things that little ones enjoy.
Dale and I spent Saturday and Sunday taking it easy as we prepare for this week. We’ll meet Amanda in Minot on Tuesday and pick up Abie. He’ll bring his own energy to the house.
It will seem awfully quiet in the house after he goes back home. We love the time with the grandkids. Normally we spread it out more over the summer, but with busy summer schedules, they have come to spend their time almost back to back. I might need some rest after Abie leaves, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.
School Is Just Around The Corner
I’m not sure where summer went. The older I get, the faster time seems to go. School starts back up in Parshall next Tuesday, in Stanley next Wednesday, and in New Town and Plaza next Thursday.
Sports practices are underway. Girls golf teams will have their first action before school even begins.
As school opens, please be more aware when driving around the communities. Children will be walking back and forth to school. Little ones are often so excited they forget to watch for traffic, meaning that traffic needs to watch out for them. Older kids might be distracted by a phone in their hand or a friend they see in the distance. They too might not be watching so carefully for traffic either.
Slow down. Be careful, especially in school zones. A little extra vigilance can prevent a tragedy.
With school just around the corner, I’m going to share one I found on Facebook a few years ago:
“Tonight a teacher somewhere in your neighborhood is getting ready for your child’s new school year, writing lesson plans or writing your child’s name in their grade book. In the minute it takes you to read this, teachers all over the world are using their “free time” and often investing their own time and money for your child’s literacy, prosperity, and future.”