It’s Pick Up The Patch Time

It is that time of year when communities across the state are working on clean-up efforts. Western North Dakota is no different. Stanley held its curbside cleanup last week and this week is the official clean up week with Stanley Elementary students set to go out Wednesday afternoon to do their part. Last week, Stat Oil and some of their associated companies met at the Stat Oil building south of Ross on Friday, May 19. About 40 volunteers picked up garbage along both sides of Highway 2 from 92nd Avenue west of their location to 86th Avenue west of Stanley, making it twelve miles of cleanup. Companies participating along with Stat Oil were NALCO Champion, Strata and Estvold Oilfield Services. Depending on the time of day you went by, you might have seen the crews in their safety vests working hard to do their part or you might have just appreciated how clean things looked after they were done. This is not the first time that Stat Oil has organized a clean-up. The day started in the morning with breakfast and teams set up. After the clean-up efforts, they returned to the office for lunch and then a safety meeting in the afternoon. Despite the slowdown in the oil industry, volunteers took part in the “Pick Up The Patch” to show they take the project seriously as a way to make a positive impact in the communities around them. It is a way for the companies to be good neighbors, recognizing the impact the energy industry has on everyone in the area. Organizers also say that after a day   Login or Subscribe to view full stories.

Mountrail County Fowlers Donate To Stanley Blue Jay Trap Team

Recently, the Mountrail County Fowlers chapter of Delta Waterfowl donated to the newly formed Stanley Blue Jays Trap Club Team. The generous donation of $2,400 has been used to offset the cost of the program for students, making it possible for students to compete in this new program. The money will also be used to help purchase team shirts and shooting vests. This year, 11 students have competed in the trap league. Students compete virtually by shooting at the Rolling Plains Sportsmen’s Club and entering their scores online. Schools are put into groups according to their team size. Stanley is currently ranked 5th in their conference. Within the conference, Rhett Hanson and Carson Farhart are ranking in the top 10 for males and Kaylyn Obert and Cassidy Fladeland are ranked in the top 10 for females. The league has one more week of regular competition and then they will wrap up with a fun night and picnic. The Stanley Blue Jays Trap Team would like to express their gratitude to Mountrail County Fowlers and Pinnacle for the monetary donations they provided this year. They also appreciate the Rolling Plains   Login or Subscribe to view full stories.

Landowners Question 2017 Taxable Valuations

Since receiving their new taxable valuations on agricultural land, some landowners in Mountrail County have been expressing their concerns to County Commissioners. They were again on the agenda of the commissioners meeting on Tuesday, May 16. Mountrail County Commission Chairman Arlo Borud welcomed their input and comments, first detailing his discussions with the State Land Department in response to the concerns raised at recent meetings. Based on those conversations, he says it has been recommended the county stay with the 2017 valuations. They would then establish a soils committee to set up use modifiers and types as well at looking at land use. He says that it appears that in the past years non-cropland and grasslands have been valued too low, while good value cropland has been valued too high He pointed out that many counties are using soil data only to set their valuations, while others are using that and modifiers. Very few are using just soil data or land use. He agreed that setting up a soils committee would be the right next step and that to make that a fair process they propose a member from each of the five commissioner districts. Should that committee make any recommendation for changes, they could be implemented even if the 2017 valuations have been approved. Landowner Charlie Sorenson addressed the commission saying they will keep coming back to the meetings as they believe it is important to all citizens to do the valuations correctly as they move forward. He said that in 2017 some valuations were more than double the previous year. He says that the changes were also  Login or Subscribe to view full stories.

Memorial Day!

There will be flags distributed onto the vet’s graves in the cemetery if there isn’t one already placed on their grave in honor of Memorial Day. We will do our best to make sure every vet gets a flag, but if there isn’t one placed and you would like one, please contact the rec director at 701.629.8990 or email We will do our best to make sure every vet gets one. After Memorial Day, feel free to take the flag home and keep for your family in honor of your brave vet. Thank you for their service. Due to needed mowing, if Flags and Flowers aren’t removed by Thursday, June 1st, we will be removing them. If you would like to keep yours, please grab before Thursday morning the 1st.   Login or Subscribe to view full stories.

Shift The Way You Shop Challenge!

Starting May 1st and running through August 31st, Western North Dakota communities are invited to join the “Shift the Way You Shop Challenge!” Vision West ND understands the tremendous economic impact of supporting local businesses, and is committed to building and diversifying our local economies. Because of this, we are issuing a challenge to residents in all communities within our region to shift 10% of their spending back into local products and services. The number of individual pledges to make the 10% shift will be tracked by county of residence, and the county that receives the highest percentage of individual pledges pro-rated by county population will be the winner! What does the winning county receive? Bragging rights of course, by more importantly, that county will see the greatest economic impact in local taxes collected, money circulated, and jobs created and retained. Go to our website for more information, and make your pledge today! Check back every Friday when the Leadersboard is updated to see how your county is doing!   Login or Subscribe to view full stories.