Statoil Breaks Grounds On New Building

One of the companies doing business in western North Dakota is making a further investment in their property south of Ross over the next few months. Statoil broke ground for their new office building/warehouse located one half mile south on 90th Avenue on Wednesday, Aug. 13. The new 3600 square foot building will hold 1800 square feet of office space and 1800 square feet of warehouse. Construction was set to start the next day with an anticipated completion date of December 1 depending on weather. The building was designed a long time ago when the company first started zoning this parcel of property, but it has taken a little longer to get going. Just like everyone else, they have been working hard to find the contractors needed to get the structure completed. This permanent structure demonstrates Statoilís belief they are not going anywhere as the Bakken play continues. Thatís also not to say they may not see a need to expand in the future. For now, though, this building will provide a better place for employees to work. There will be five large office spaces that can be shared by more than one employee. There is a break room and a conference room with video conference capabilities. The warehouse will provide better protection for yard equipment and allow employees to work on equipment out of any inclement weather. It also will help them keep track of what is in and what is out of the facility as well. Statoil has five permanent employees at the location with a total of 28 badged employees in and out of the facility. They also have five to   Login or Subscribe to view full stories.

New Faces In Stanley Schools

As the school year starts in Stanley today, the new students will not be the only new faces in the building. Early student counts show the elementary at about 390 students and the junior/senior high at about 300 students prior to the start of school. Thirteen new teachers and staff are added to the schools this year with seven new staff members at the elementary school and six at the high school. At the elementary school, Stephanie Crofoot joins the special education department, Danielle Hager will be in the special education unit at the elementary, Ashley Nichols returns teaching 5th grade, Paige Olson is the new music teacher, Darcie Dewald teaches 1st grade, Eden Cuypers is the new K-6 guidance counselor and Megan Ploium teaches 3rd trade. At the high school, Nicholas Peterson will be teaching science, Nikki Holmen teaches business education, Courtney Albertson is the new Family Consumer Science teacher, LaTisha Tolbert-Fields teaches Math, Kendra Evensvold teaches business education and Cameron Lentz is in Technology. Courtney Albertson Courtney Albertson is originally from Minot and will be teaching Family and Consumer Sciences at the Junior/Senior High School. She graduated from Minot State University with a Bachelorís Degree in Business Education and a minor in Family Consumer Science. Her previous experience includes student teaching at DesLacs/Burlington. Engaged to Nick Rystedt, she is living in Powers Lake. She belongs to the NEA and is the FCCLA Advisor. Her hobbies include spending time with family and friends, baking, crafting, technology and photography. Stephanie Crofoot Stephanie Crofoot, age 24, is from Monticello, Minnesota and will be in the special education department at the Elementary School. She has a Special Education Bach  Login or Subscribe to view full stories.
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