June 15, 2022

Just My Opinion - By Mary Kilen

What a beautiful weekend it was to be outside. On Friday evening, I drove into the White Earth Valley for the fi rst night of the WEVSC annual rodeo. Driving along, I saw farmers out in the fi eld. I got to the valley and was stunned by the beauty of the valley right now. Everything is lush and green, and it feels so alive as you drive through. I snuck out of Friday night’s events a bit early as I watched heavy clouds building. While it may not have rained at the rodeo arena, I got home just shortly before a short downpour dropped about two tenths of an inch of rain according to my rain gauge.

On Saturday, I spent time in the morning weeding in my fl owerbeds. That is never a favorite task, but with rains and warmer temperatures the stupid persistent little weed that is the bane of my existence was starting to spread rapidly.

I also saw that as a way to earn a trike ride reward afterwards. We took the trike north on Highway 8 and then across Highway 50 before dropping back down to connect to Highway 2 and head into Minot. We really didn’t have much to do, but the sun on my face and warm temperatures were glorious. Everything looks and smells so good right now when we’re riding.

We met up with Don and Connie for supper before heading home while watching some heavy clouds to the north. They never did drop any rain on us, but it made for some interesting riding as we waited to see if we would get wet.

I made my way back to the White Earth Valley on Sunday for the afternoon rodeo performance for a while, before heading back home.

So much sun and warm temperatures was good for my soul. Being outside when the weather is beautiful seems to make all the stress melt away. Get outside and enjoy the weather while you can. Summer in North Dakota is wonderful, but it sure doesn’t seem to last long enough!

A New Website Coming We are currently working on a new website and hope it will be up and running soon. We are changing our provider to one used by many of the newspapers in the state. We were fortunate when we started our website. Stanley High School graduate Luke Davidson set it up for us and it has served us well for years. Lately we have had a couple of issues and frankly Luke has been trying to get me to switch for a couple of years. Ours might be the only website he was still hosting. As we make the switch, I hope the transition will be seamless for our online subscribers. As it goes live, we will be sure to keep you updated and will be available if you have any problems once we make the switch.